Safe Strata The Answer

Clean Design

Saves time

Raise maintenance issues around your building in seconds. Relays all the information needed by your strata manager to get repairs underway without long-winded and tedious emails. A picture is worth a thousand words and Safe Strata allows you to quickly attach a photo of the issue with your request.

Clean Design

Easy to use

Intuitive app screens. Simple one-time only setup to link your building. In-built risk assessment tools and a help guide on resident versus strata responsibilities.

Simple to use

Saves money

Saves bringing out expensive consultants for minor issues and inspections, and assists in the right trades person being called out the first time.

24/7 Support

Delivers peace of mind

Helps provide a safer and better maintained building for residents, visitors and contractors. Demonstrates proactive safety management by the Owners Corporation


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Our app is available for all types of devices and screen sizes.

Frequently Asked Question

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General questions
Safe Strata is designed to work regardless of which strata agent you are with.
All you need is your preferred email address, your building strata number (SP number ) and the building address.
Australia and New Zealand are supported at the stage.
Safe Strata is free for tenants and owners to download. Use of the application is supported via a strata scheme subscription.